We Specialize in Hot Rod Transmission Rebuilding

Let Us Make Your Dream Car Complete

Hot Rods are what many car enthusiasts dream of owning, driving, or building. The general meaning of a hot rod is a vehicle with a modified engine designed for high-powered performance. It’s not just the driver who is excited about the new creation, but it’s also the mechanic whose joy comes from the art and skill of rebuilding the specialized engine. Parkland’s technicians know exactly how to make your new hot rod’s transmission rebuild a success.

Careful consideration should be taken in the planning stages of your new ride, to ensure the finished vehicle will perform trouble free. There is no point, for instance, in building a motor that starts working best over 3000 rpm’s, and then installing a transmission/ differential combination that operates at 1700 rpm’s on the highway. Our goal is for the customer to end up with a vehicle that is a joy to drive, not a chore.

Drivers of hot rods know that only a special mechanic can handle this type of engine customization. Parkland Transmission has a garage full of these types of special mechanics. They’re ready to help make your hot rod that unique, stand-out vehicle you’ve always wanted. Whether you’re ready to rebuild or repair your transmission, we’re here to take care of you and your prized possession. We get your obsession, because it’s our obsession too. People often call them “muscle cars.” Well you can just call us “muscle mechanics” then, because we’re passionate and prepared to perform any transmission services for your hot rod.

Our courteous and professional technicians are ready to start your new custom rebuild. Stop by our transmission repair shop today and find out exactly what we can do to help you. Our record of service in the automotive industry speaks for itself. When you visit, we’ll speak as well, about anything concerning the beautiful new hot rod transmission rebuild we’d like you to have.